Homecoming and Make-up Trends for Homecoming 2012

By: Brianna Felder
The homecoming dance is the night to look your absolute best and it’s no different at the Land O’ Lakes High School Homecoming dance. Students showed up in their best attire, most of it new. One of the most important contributions to all the amazing looks at the dance were the hair-styles and, for girls, the make-up.
          Every year has its own trends in hair-styles. This year had a wide variety of hairstyles.  Many Land O' Lakes girls went simple with plain, curled hair or straight hair. Those styles are usually done at home. Up-do’s weren’t as popular, but were still present. A crucial decision that must be made is whether or not to get one's hair done at the salon. Most girls at this homecoming dance did their hair themselves, but an up-do is something that is almost always done at a hair salon. If they had their hair down, they simply put it in a ponytail if it got too hot. 
          Make-up has a greater chance of being ruined than hair if it’s done at home. Most girls I talked to prefer to have it done by a trusted family member or friend rather than doing it themselves. According to Seventeen magazine makeup should always be coordinated with your dress. Never too overwhelming and can’t take away too much attention from the dress.
          So, whether students are sporting up-do's or simple curled looks, choose to wear that golden dress made completely of sequins or adorn the simple black lace, homecoming will be a night for everyone to show off their most elegant looks. 


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